Source of washi tape

Many small everyday objects seem ordinary, but as long as you observe carefully and move your mind, you can turn them into amazing masterpieces. That's right, it's that roll of washi tape on your desk! It can be transformed into a variety of magical shapes, and it can also be a decorative artifact for the office and home travel.


Christmas Stamp Washi Tape Custom Printed Kawaii Washi Tape Manufacturer (3)

The original developer of the paper tape is 3M company, which is mainly used for the protection of car paint. And now the mt paper tape that has set off a boom in stationery circle paper tape, (mt is the abbreviation of masking tape), also known as washi tape, is from the KAMOI paper tape factory in Okayama, Japan.


A visit by a paper tape creation group composed of three women led the factory to find a new way. The two sides cooperated to develop tapes of nearly 20 colors, which brought the paper tape back into the spotlight as a "grocery" and became a stationery fan and a DIY hobby. The new darling of the reader. At the end of May every year, the KAMOI factory opens a limited number of places for tourists to visit and experience a paper tape pilgrimage.


In fact, paper tape is far from being as simple as it looks. With a little roll of washi tape, you too can spice up your life. From the keyboard at hand to the wall of a bedroom, washi tape can be a good helper for your creative transformation.

Post time: Sep-07-2022