Custom Creative Rose Brass Head Envelope Feather Wax Seal Stamp

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Wax seal which is substance formerly in wide use for sealing letters and attaching impressions of seals to documents. In medieval times it consisted of a mixture of beeswax, Venice turpentine, and colouring matter, usually vermilion.

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Clear Stamp

Clear stamps are made of durable silicone material, which is odorless and lightweight, not easy to break or deform, highly detailed and delicate; Good Workmanship.

Wood Stamp

Wooden Stamp made of wood material to print custom pattern and shape,these small lightweight wooden discs are ideal for stamping.

Wax Seal

The wax seal stamp kit is used for making wedding and party invitations, Christmas letters, retro letters, envelopes, cards, crafts, gifts sealing, wine sealing, tea or cosmetics packaging and other craft projects.

How to Use a Wax Seal – Step-by-Step Guide

1. Touch of the past

2.Sealing wax

Sealing Wax Sticks with Wicks

Sealing Wax Beads

Sealing Wax Sticks without Wicks

3. Gather your other wax seal materials

Stamp head

Stamp head handle

Wax spoon



Glue gun

Lighter or matches

4. Sealing with wicked wax sticks





Rest and remove

5. Clean up

More Details

The wax seal stick with shimmery texture is specially made for wedding invitations. It is so classy and elegant, will add a special touch to your invitations and wow your guests.All sticks are made of flexible wax, they will not break or crumble in the post, fully mailable. Ideal for decorating envelopes, post cards, invitations, thank you cards, snail mails, wine packaging, gift wrapping, DIY project. Perfect for wedding, birthday party, holiday, Valentine's Day or any celebration events.

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Bad quality ?

In-house Manufacturing with full control of production process and ensure consistent quality

Higher MOQ ?

In-house Manufacturing to have lower MOQ to start and advantageous price to offer for our all customers to win the more market

No own design ?

Free artwork 3000+ only for your choice and professional design team to help to work based on your design material offering.

Design rights protection ?

OEM&ODM factory help our customer’s design to be real products,won’t sell or post,secret agreement could be offer.

How to ensure design colors ?

Professional design team to offer color suggestion based on our production experience to work better and free digital sample color for your initial checking.

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