Custom Washi Tape

Custom Size


Custom Width
Without foil tape : customize from 5mm to 400mm
With foil tape : customize from 5mm to 240mm
15mm is common size of most customers choice
Over 30mm cmyk tape need be same oil coating (glossy effect) of foil tape to ensure wider size tape paper not be tear off.


Custom Length
from 1m to 200m is available / no limit of tape length.
10m is common size for most customers choice.

Custom Paper Core& Type


Custom Paper Core

Paper Core Size
diameter 25mm / 32mm / 38mm / 76mm is possible
diameter 32mm is common size of paper core
diameter 76mm use for longer tape as like 50m/100m etc.

Paper Core Type
blank core / logo brand core / kraft paper core / plastic core are available


Custom Printing

CMYK Print

No limit of color and support multiple color mixing, solid color support on offer cmyk value & hex code, our designer help to work color out.

(Note : The colors may vary between artwork color and actual printing color because of every screen is different and artwork to be bright / actual printing color to be darker a little, so please be informed that colors in real life might be more or less vibrant than the actual artwork,thanks for your understanding advance.)

Pantone color

Higher color request based on soild color background suggest to do this type print and one plate we can offer at most 4 kinds of pantone color via your actual pantone color number to work out.

Digital printing

With no repeated pattern to do the whole tape to be as like 5m/10m or more longer meters and color would be more accurate with artwork, this type print is most appropriate for you.

Custom Finishing


1. CMYK print washi tape : matte


2. Glitter washi tape : sparkling


3. Foil washi tape : glossy & foil color would be point out


4.UV oil print washi tape : support on skinny part to be point out


5.Stamp washi tape : supports regular or irregular stamp shape & different stamp pattern designs qty as like 6 / 8 / 10 to work out


6.Die cut washi tape : suggest to work over 15mm wide to ensure mold out perfectly,avoid sharp mold pattern to save your mold cost


7.Perforated washi tape : support washi paper and transparent material with your request perforation size,common perforation size is 1.5in.


8.Overlay washi tape : transparent material with glossy or matte finishing / support adding white ink to realize some pattern to be translucent


9.Iridescent washi tape : with different iridescent effect could be add on the washi tape as like holo stars/holo dots/holo vitric/flat holo/holo glitter etc.


10.Sticker roll washi tape : sticker pieces pattern to covered by one roll with common 100-120 pcs stickers,cost would be less to work same sticker mold than different sticker mold.


11.Glow in the dark washi tape : daytime with natural oil ink color of glow in the dark technique as like green/yellow/blue etc. Nighttime with glow in the dark part would be shine.

Custom Mold Cut

Custom Mold Cut4
Custom Mold Cut2
Custom Mold Cut3
Custom Mold Cut1

Custom Mold Cut
Like below washi tape technique we can offer mold cut with die cut washi tape / perforated washi tape / stamp washi tape / sticker roll washi tape etc.

Custom Package

Custom Package
Different package based on your needs & nature of your business development,we would like to offer suggestion to save your cost ,achieve your ideas on package.